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Vegan “cheese” pancakes

If you woke up with a sweet tooth, this receipt will be great for you!


Ingredients (perfect for 3-4 portions):

*400 gr of tofu

*1/2 cup of any plant milk

*1tbsp maple syrup

*1 cup coconut flour OR 1.5 cup of any other flour


Mix all the ingredients together. Add a little bit of coconut oil on the preheated pan. Form little pancakes with your hands and fry it on the pan on both sides for 2-3 minutes each. That’s it!


It is perfect with maple syrup and fresh berries. Enjoy!

With love,

Katy Cherry.



Flax seeds Kasha.

Hey, guys! I’ve decided to share with you one of my favorite breakfast recipe: “flax seeds kasha.” This one will fill you up, give you energy for a long time, and it’s simply delicious! I love to eat it before a long morning run, so I will have fuel to finish my training.

•Soak in water 3 tablespoons of flax seed overnight. Add it to the blender in the morning.

•Add 2 ripped 🍌.

•Add 50 gr of tofu (to make it more fulfilling, if u don’t have it- it’s okay).

•Add frozen berries/mango or any other fruit for your taste.

•Add 1 tbl spoon of cacao powder.

•Add a splash of plant-based milk or water.

Blend it all. And the fantastic breakfast this is ready! Add some coconut flakes on top and enjoy it💗!

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Why Vegan?

A couple of years ago (approximately 2016) I watched a movie “Unsupersize me”. This movie shows a story of the girl with an extra weight of 300lb with a bunch of health problems as a consequence of her lifestyle. She decided to change her life with a personal trainer Juan Carlos. He proposed a new type of diet for her: 100% plant-based diet. Her meal plan was: legumes, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies.  She through away from her freezer all meat, eggs, milk, and other groceries with animal-based ingredients. The step away from animal products was based not on ethical reasons like love to the animals, but the primary purpose was health benefits. I never thought before that someone choosing veganism because of health.Image result for unsupersize me movie


Image result for unsupersize me movie

From “Unsupersize me” movie.

Afterward, this woman was able to change her habits thanks to the sport and right nutrition. She transformed her lifestyle, and as a reward for her hard work she lost 200lb and got her health improved. In the movie, Juan Carlos told his story how he converted to vegan. He was in prison, and he had a lot of free time. Juan devoted it to make his body stronger and healthier. In the movie, he shared all current researchers and what books motivated him. After the prison, he became a personal trainer and opened his own gym where he promotes a plant-based lifestyle.

After this movie, I was really interested to read more about a plant-based diet to know more about veganism.  I read books, watched a lot of films and asked people who tried this way of eating and living.

And after a year of research in one day, I made a decision that I should switch my lifestyle into a vegan. And on July 1st, 2016 together with my husband we started a new page of our life without animal products.

If you ask me for a reasons, I will highlight three. I think you will hear them from many people who went vegan.

Food on heart plate with stethoscope1.)    Health. Unfortunately all pigs, cows, and chicken have a lot of antibiotics in their diet before coming to our tables. In the USA is up 480 different drugs are allowed to use in the process of growing animals for food. While producers must be responsible for how these supplements affect animals, they shouldn’t report how it affects the person who consumes that with animal flash in the future. The food which fed to animals overall is questionable also. GMO corn is the only little piece from it. We can only guess what sickness that kind of meat can bring.  It is not everything, what I found in my research. I will share a book and movies later with you.

The most important part of any diet that you should have a variety of products in your daily menu, so you will be able to receive all essential minerals and vitamins

maxresdefault2.)    Love to animals. Eat or don’t eat animals in now days is your choice. It is not a necessity for survival, and it is simply your choice what you want to see on your plate. Love and compassion to animals was not the primary reason why I start thinking about veganism. To break a stereotype, that we can’t survive without meat- it is hard for many people. If you start talking with someone that you don’t eat meat, a lot of people would ask questions about protein first, amino acids, etc. The plants have everything that your body needs!

People eat different animals in different counties. Some prefer cow meat, others snake, and some people eat dogs. But for me, for example, eating dog is crazy ( and I am pretty sure for you too!). This is because we build a connection with some animals other a years within our culture, and with some animals, we did not. So, we don’t feel the same compassion for them. But does this mean, that they do not deserve it? It is no difference between animals! They all feel love, fear, and pain.

save_planet.jpg3.)    Planet. More and more forest is cut down every day to make fields to grow corn, food and build industrial farms for animal agriculture. This is like a closed cycle: we eat more meat every day and more deforesting happens. Usually “meat farms” are located in small communities outside of populated areas. Because the amount of waste from animals is much larger than from humans, what leads to toxic smell, poisoning of the air and waste in the rivers… It is basically a survival for people who leave near “meat farms” and usually it is a poor neighborhoods.

It is all understandable, that when one person decides not to eat meat, it will not change the whole world and make it more harmless for animals. But everyone is responsible for themselves for what they are having on their plate, everyone accountable for their own choices. My choice is delicious fruits and vegetables.

If you are thinking about the transition to a vegan lifestyle, my advice to take it as it is comfortable for you. Some people will change overnight, while others prefer taking it slowly. I want to share with you my journey and support you.


With love,

Katy Cherry

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Scott Jurek.

I love New York City for all opportunities it gives to everyone. This is perfect place to stay active.

When I have decided to contribute my time and energy into running, I start looking for a book I can read about it. I am this type of person, who will thoroughly dig in into something he is interested in. If I decided running, I need to know as much as I can lol. And do it the best way I can. So, scrolling through runners blogs ( specifically vegan runners blogs), I found few posts with the same book recommendation: “Eat&Run,” written by Scott Jurek- American ultramarathoner, merely a legend in runners world. You can go to Wikipedia to look up his accomplishments.

And I fell in love with this book. If you have not read it yet, you definitely should! An incredible personal story about how Scott’s career began and about his running adventures. If you love long distance and looking for new vegan recipes to your diet, you will find this book enjoyable for sure.


And I was so happy to hear that he finished his new book “Go to North” about his 46 days run to break the speed record for the Appalachian Trail.   Last week scrolling my Instagram I saw the post from Scott that he is going to do a presentation of his book in New York, plus everyone who wants can join him for a free run in Central Park before the event. Yay!

It was exciting opportunity to join the legend, get inspired and motivated. I called my friend and on April 10th, 2018 we had a fantastic evening!

We had 4-mile group run and after enjoyed the presentation of the book. I just start reading it and will share with you my thought about it later.

Now I want to share pictures with you from that day.

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With love,

Katy Cherry.

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Hi, world!

Hey, everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog.

A couple of months ago I started running and fell in love with it. I tried running three years ago. I even registered for motivation in a mini 10k race in NY, but after four short training runs (4.5 km each) I stopped running at all. I did not feel that I am ready to run. And it is explainable. I have not exercised at all back when, I have not cared about my nutrition, and 4.5 km for first trainings was too much for me to take. It takes time for the person who never exercised to start loving the sport, beeing active and sticking with healthy lifestyle.


My first time in gym (2015).

Later  I started to exercise regularly in the gym with the online trainer. I did meal preparation, tried to eat healthily, but the healthy on that moment meant for me: dry and not tasty chicken breasts, minimum carbs and little veggies on the side. My motivation was to lose weight. Because as many people who moved from another country (I am originally from Russia) to the United States I gained in a first year a lot of extra weight (around 20 pounds).


Me before and after long and hard work in the gym.

The vegan diet helped me to be more energized and changed my perspective on the nutrition upside down. I was so afraid of carbs for so many years that I think I starve my body for good energy (which we can receive from quality carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta, etc). I measured each gram of carbs and protein I ate. I tried to eat waaaay to much of protein. Normal person does not need that much of protein, only 0.8 gr per 1 kg of your body weight. If you athlete 1-1.6 gr per kg will be more than enough! My life changed after switching the diet. I eat as many carbs as I want now. I am not struggling to get my protein amount because with good amount of good plant based food it is easily reachble. I feel energized all the time, my sleep is better, and my performance went up. I exercised 5-6 times in the gym.


I believe that you need to allow your self try different things in sport to stay always interested and excited. Try yoga, tennis, run, gym, box, swimming, hiking.. it is so many activities out there, and I bet you did not try some of it!


In February 2018 I felt like I am ready to do something new in sport and I decided to start running again. I am a very ambitious person who needs to have goals in every aspect of life. And with running is the same story. I already made up my mind to run a New York City Marathon in 2019. For this reason, I registered for nine races in 2018 through NYRR club and one race I will be a volunteer. This way I will have a guaranteed entry in NYC Marathon. YAY.


I want to share here my journey to NYC Marathon in 2019 and share my passion to healthy lifestyle with you. Also, I am currently study to receive a NASMA personal trainer certification. And I will be glad to share my knowledge here with you. Stay tuned.

With love,

Katy Cherry.