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United NYC Half recap

Wow! Didn’t post here for a while! It is time to change that! Plus I have a reason, I just run my third half marathon – NYC Half. Still can’t believe it is a little bit more than a year already since I start running.

First, I will start from update about my running life. I started training with a new coach since October 2018, and the training went to a different level! I used to run 3-4 times a week, and now I have 6 running days. I love my new running coach and think it is really great to have someone who will hold you accountable and guide you in your training.
I am in the middle of my London Marathon training! It is less than 40 days to go! Wooh. So excited!
Now let’s move on to the race day – March 17th 2018.

In November 2018, I have applied for the United NYC lottery and guess what- I won a spot!  I was so happy, because only 35% of application got a spots! This Half Marathon was great addition to my London Marathon Training.

This is was my first NYC Half and I was so excited about it. I popped by the expo to get my Bib during my lunch break on first day of expo. Line was short and I picked up my staff really quick.
Made some pictures , found my name on the wall and headed back to work in the office.

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Race morning.

Race morning was relaxed. I had a good night sleep, don’t really have a sleep problem before the races.
Race start located in Prospect park and I was so thankful that I am living near by in Sunset Park. The cab ride to Prospect Park from my home usually takes 10-15 minutes, so I didn’t need to wake up crazy early. Yay!
Woke up at 6am.
Got my regular pre-race breakfast: oatmeal with berries and coffee.

Called a Lyft at 6:45 am.
I was in wave 2, which start at 7:50 am. No bags to check, because my husband was planning to meet me with a warm clothes at the finish line. So, I decided that 50 minutes before the start will be more than enough for security check, potty pot business, and entering into the corral. But I was mistaken.

This race is huge! 25 thousand of runners. First of all, line for security check was slooow. It was a so crowded. Line in potty pots as always long, but it was not really a surprise.


The worst experience of the start line was entrance in corrals. My plan was to run with a pacer 1:50. I had 5 minutes to enter into my corral, and literally 3-4 meters to go to corral entrance. And what do you think? I didn’t get in on time!

It was a mess! So crowded, people were pushing each other, stepped on each other, screaming … oh. Worse start line experience ever. They let runners one by one into a corral! Can you imagine?! I hear a gun goes off.. and only after that I was able to enter my corral..

It was sad. I saw my pace group running away.. and I was really far from them.

I took a deep breath, and decided that is it ok… I need to concentrate on my own race now. If it won’t be 1:50, so be it.

The race started in Prospect Park, but we were in the Park for a really short time, only for the  most “fun” part of park- hill. I didn’t feel this hill at all because of all emotions. I started a little bit fast, first mile under 8 min pace, tried to slow down.

We exited the Park, run through Flatbush Avenue and where he was – Manhattan Bridge. I was waiting for this bridge. No! The right words- I was waiting for this bridge to be over before even steped on it.

The hill was sooooo long, it was tough. But I did it, I crossed it. My left leg biceps felt a bit pain, and legs were tired, I dropped a pace a little, but I kept going. It was hard, but the view was amazing – city skyline! The day was so clear and beautiful.

After bridge downhill, turn through China town, we were on FDR Drive. This part was ok. My GPS didn’t work thought this part of course and it made difficult to keep up the correct pace.

I was so happy to see the building of United Nations and Grand Central. I was tired, but the crowd and cheering kept me going. The best part was to turn to Times Square! Oh!! It was the best experience! So fun and cool! Met some friends cheering for me and energized from them.

When we turned into Central Park I was so happy. I knew the finish line is so close. My legs were so tired from running up and down hills.

Honestly, this course was tough for me. The crazy start line experience, missed pacer, the long hill took a lot from my legs, GPS wasn’t accurate.. But I liked it. I felt I was stronger than before. I was so happy to cross finish line.. I barely was able to hold my tears. I don’t know why, but this race was emotional for me. I crossed it, got my medal and texted to my husband “I am so fu**g proud of myself.”


I did a PR. I didn’t hit my goal 1:50. But I didn’t care. I was happy and proud. 1:52:29. My new personal best. oh. I love racing and I love long distance racing- it is whole journey.

I met my husband in family reunion zone after finish line. Kissed him, changed my clothes and we went to “Organic Grill” (our favorite Vegan Spot in NYC) to get coffee and waffles.



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