First one down! 4 miles race

So, it is getting real!

This Sunday I run my first race in my life, the first race on my way to NYC Marathon 2019. I was so excited about it and a little nervous because I did not know all organizational moments of the race.

It was a small race “Run as One” – 4 miles or 6.5 km in Central Park. This is a short distance, but this park is really famous for its hills, and you need to be prepared run up and down through all distance.

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I was assigned to K coral- it is almost the last corral with speed range 10:15-11:29 minutes per mile. I did not have previous time records in my account, so when I registered it was required to put projected running time per mile, and I really underestimated myself.

I woke up on a race day at 6:00 am to have breakfast and arrive early to the start for a little warm up and figure where to go and what to do. I had oatmeal soaked overnight in almond milk with frozen berries and couple of dates. I was ready. We got to Central Park at 8:05 am. Had a little run, kissed my husband and was in my corral at 8:30.

We started running at 8:45 am. It was a mess after start when I tried to get my way through the crowd. Some people were walking, and I had a goal in my mind, so I tried to get through as soon as I can.

My finish time was 32 minutes and 49 seconds. I think it is pretty good time for the first time and for only 2.5 half months of training. For the next race, I hope I will get better coral and will not lose time on the start and finish line.

A735E0C1-0390-4651-B37C-8C67FAD95358 2.JPG


I am happy with my result! After the race, I got bagel and apple and I drank so much water. The weather was amazing! Warm, light cool wind, sunny. Just amazing! And the Central Park was in blossom! It was very enjoyable run! We had a little walk in the park after with my hubby and went home to our dog lab-mix Ellie. I felt great right after the race, and I felt great at evening and the next day. So, I recovered really fast.

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I am looking forward to my next races in May:

May 13th – Japan Day Run – Central Park 4 miles. Hope I will have a PR.

May 19th- Brooklyn Popular Half Marathon. I am excited and nervous about this one.


With love,

Katy Cherry.


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